Sinéad O’Connor ‎– The Lion and the Cobra (1987)

The Lion and the Cobra is the debut album by Irish songwriter/vocalist Sinéad O’Connor, released in 1987 on Ensign/Chrysalis.

A1. “Jackie” (2:29)
A2. “Mandinka” (3:46)
A3. “Jerusalem” (4:12)
A4. “Just Like U Said It Would B” (4:27)
A5. “Never Get Old” (4:35)
B1. “Troy” (6:28)
B2. “I Want Your (Hands on Me)” (4:38)
B3. “Drink Before the War” (5:20)
B4. “Just Call Me Joe” (5:50)

Sinéad O’Connor – vocals, electric guitar, producer, audio mixing, arranger
Marco Pirroni – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Richard “Spike” Holifield – bass guitar
Rob Dean – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
John Reynolds – drums, programming
Mike Clowes – synthesizer, keyboards, string arrangements on “Troy”
Kevin Mooney – guitar, bass guitar on “Just Call Me Joe”
Gavyn Wright – orchestra director
Enya – speaking part on “Never Get Old”
Leslie Winer – spoken words on “Just Call Me Joe”
Kevin Moloney – producer, engineer, audio mixing

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