Simple Minds ‎– Reel to Real Cacophony (1979)

Reel to Real Cacophony is the second album by Scottish New Wave band Simple Minds, released in November 1979 on Zoom/Arista.

A1. Real to Real (2:47)
A2. Naked Eye (2:21)
A3. Citizen (Dance of Youth) (2:53)
A4. Carnival (Shelter in a Suitcase) (2:49)
A5. Factory (4:13)
A6. Cacophony (1:40)
A7. Veldt (3:20)
B1. Premonition (5:29)
B2. Changeling (4:11)
B3. Film Theme (2:27)
B4. Calling Your Name (5:05)
B5. Scar (3:31)

Jim Kerr — vocals, lyrics
Charlie Burchill — guitar, violin, saxophone
Derek Forbes — bass
Michael MacNeil — keyboards
Brian McGee — drums, percussion

John Leckie — mixing, recording engineer, arranger

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