Simon Park ‎– High Climber (1982)

High Climber is an album of library music by English composer Simon Park, released in 1982 on De Wolfe. The album bears the tagline “Exciting, dramatic sounds for electronic synthesizers.”

A1. “Teamwork” (2:55)
A2. “Claw Hammer” (2:47)
A3. “Reel Time” (2:10)
A4. “Expo” (2:46)
A5. “Crystal Wind” (2:38)
A6. “Hi-Band” (1:59)
A7. “Black Rider” (1:59)
A8. “The Challenge” (1:58)
B1. “Man Alive” (1:51)
B2. “High Climber” (2:54)
B3. “Task Force” (2:13)
B4. “Columbia” (2:59)
B5. “Coaster” (2:34)
B6. “Hatchback” (2:12)
B7. “Time Zone” (2:50)
B8. “Trouble Shooter” (2:54)

Cover, Design – Chessy Black
Producer – S. Park

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