Shivananda – Cross Now (1977)

Cross Now is the debut album by Swiss jazz-rock combo Shivananda, released in 1977 on Polskie Nagrania Muza.

A1. “Wake of Spring” (7:40)
A2. “Acapulco Gold” (5:45)
A3. “Rush – Hour” (5:45)
B1. “Jamaican Sunday” (8:15)
B2. “Red Mocassin” (8:25)
B3. “Cross Now” (2:50)

Peter Keiser — Bass [Fuzz]
Kurt Baebi — Electric Piano [Rhodes Piano], Piano [Grand], Synthesizer [Solina String Ensemble, Arp Omni Polyphonic, 2 Roland Sh 1000, Arp Odyssey]
Carlo Milan — Percussion [Afuche], Congas [Conga Drum], Guitar [Gibson L5, Les Paul ’52]
Robert Biagini — Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Other [Apito], Other [Animal Calls]

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