Sherbs ‎– The Skill (1980)

The Skill is the first of two albums by reformed Australian rockers Sherbet under the truncated nameplate the Sherbs, released in 1980 on Festival. In this new iteration, the band abscond the LRB-style pop/rock/soul of earlier output for a modernist, synth-laden tightness akin to Icehouse.

A1. “I Have the Skill” (3:46)
A2. “Back to Zero” (3:22)
A3. “Cindy Is Waiting” (4:16)
A4. “Crazy in the Night” (3:50)
A5. “I’ll Be Faster” (3:43)
A6. “Never Surrender” (3:47)
B1. “No Turning Back” (5:30)
B2. “Love You to Death” (4:08)
B3. “Into the Heat” (3:14)
B4. “I’m O.K.” (3:31)
B5. “Juliet and Me” (4:16)
B6. “Parallel Bars” (4:08)

Bass – Tony Mitchell
Drums – Alan Sandow
Guitar – Harvey James
Keyboards – Garth Porter
Vocals – Daryl Braithwaite

Cover Art – Alan Ewart
Engineer – Richard Lush
Engineer [Assistant] – David Cafe, Neil Rawle
Management – Roger Davies
Mastered By – George Marino
Producer – Richard Lush, Sherbs

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