Sheena Easton ‎– Take My Time (1981)

Take My Time is the debut album by Scottish pop singer Sheena Easton, released in 1981 on EMI. In North America, the album was eponymously issued with a truncated, reshuffled tracklist.

A1. Don’t Send FlowersPhil Pickett (3.02)
A2. “Cry” Frank Musker, Garth Murphy (3.32)
A3. “Take My TimePaul Bliss, Phil Palmer (2.39)
A4. “When He Shines” Dominic Bugatti, Peter Vale (3.56)
A5. “One Man WomanMike Leeson, Peter Vale (3.06)
A6. “PrisonerD.B. Cooper, James Lance, Tony Riparetti (3.34)
B1. “9 to 5Florrie Palmer (3.20)*
B2. “So Much In LoveDominic Bugatti, Frank Musker (3.04)
B3. “Voice On the RadioFlorrie Palmer, Peter Vale (3.18)
B4. “Calm Before the StormChristopher Neil, Peter Vale (3.28)
B5. “Modern GirlDominic Bugatti, Frank Musker (3.37)
B6. “No-one Ever KnowsLeeson, Peter Vale (3.47)

*Titled “Morning Train (9 to 5)” on U.S./Canadian copies.

Session extra: Please Don’t Sympathize

Sheena Easton – vocals
William Lyall – keyboards
Derek Austin – keyboards
Sharon Campbell – background vocals
Alan Carvell – background vocals
David Cullen – keyboards, horn arrangements
Kim Goody – background vocals
Ian Lynn – keyboards
Frank Musker – background vocals
Christopher Neil – background vocals
Phil Palmer – guitar
Frank Ricotti – percussion
Peter Vale – keyboards, background vocals
Peter Van Hooke – drums
Andrew Brown – bass
Tony Hall – saxophone

Producer Christopher Neil

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