Shalamar ‎– Friends (1982)

Friends is the sixth album by American soul/funk vocal trio Shalamar, released in 1982 on SOLAR. Instrumental work is provided by James Ingram and members of musical family act The Sylvers.

A1. “A Night to Remember” (5:10)
A2. “Don’t Try to Change Me” (4:10)
A3. “Help Me” (5:10)
A4. “On Top of the World” (4:06)
A5. “I Don’t Wanna Be the Last to Know” (3:58)
B1. “Friends” (5:00)
B2. “Playing to Win” (4:17)
B3. “I Just Stopped by Because I Had To” (4:06)
B4. “There It Is” (4:26)
B5. “I Can Make You Feel Good” (4:22)

Jeffrey Daniel, Howard Hewett and Jody Watley
– lead & backing vocals

Leon Sylvers III – bass, percussion, keyboards
Wardell Potts, Jr. – drums
Foster Sylvers – bass
Joey Gallo – keyboards
Kevin Spencer – keyboards
James Ingram – bass, keyboards
Ricky Sylvers – guitar
Ed Green – drums
Ernest “Pepper” Reed – guitar
Richard Randolph – guitar
Michael Nash – keyboards
William Shelby – keyboards
Wayne Milstein – percussion
Ricky Smith – keyboards
Michael Nash – keyboards
Kevin Spencer – keyboards
Patricia Sylvers – keyboards
Jermaine Stewart – backing vocals

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