Shadowfax – Watercourse Way (1976)

Watercourse Way is the debut album by American instrumental jazz-rock quintet Shadowfax, co-produced by Larry Fast and released in 1976 on Passport.

A1. “The Shape of a Word” (7:27)
A2. “Linear Dance” (5:30)
A3. “Petite Aubade” (6:06)
B1. “Book of Hours” (6:39)
B2. “The Watercourse Way” (5:42)
B3. “A Song for My Brother” (9:53)

Drums, Tabla, Bongos [Boobams], Metallophone [Lujon], Percussion – Stuart Nevitt
Electric Bass, Double Bass [String Bass], Cowbell – Phil Maggini
Electric Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar [12-String Guitar], Classical Guitar, Sitar, Vocals – Greg Stinson
Grand Piano [Acoustic Grand], Electric Piano [Baldwin & Rhodes Electric Pianos], Synthesizer [ARP 2600, Mini Moog], Sequencer [Oberheim Digital Sequencer], Harpsichord, Chamberlin – Doug Maluchnik
Lyricon, Synthesizer [Electronic Woodwind Synthesizer], Soprano Saxophone [Soprano Sax], Flute, Oboe, Recorder [Recorders], Bass Clarinet – Chuck Greenberg

Producer [Produced By] – Larry Fast, Marty Scott
Engineer – Jeffrey M. Kawalek
Art Direction – Toni J. Wadler
Illustration, Design – Terry Lamb

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