Semiramis – Dedicato a Frazz (1973)

Dedicato a Frazz is an album by Italian symphonic/art-rock band Semiramis, released in 1973 on Trident.

A1. “La bottega del rigattiere” (6:03)
A2. “Luna Park” (4:31)
A3. “Uno zoo di vetro” (5:59)
B1. “Per una strada affoliata” (5:03)
B2. “Dietro una porta di carta” (5:44 — :01–2:30–5:40)
B3. “Frazz” (5:11)
B4. “Clown” (4:34)

Paolo Faenza — drums, percussion, vibraphone
Marcello Reddavide — bass, bells
Giampiero Artegiani — classical guitar, 12 string guitar, synthesizer
Michele Zarrillo — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocal
Maurizio Zarrillo — piano, electric piano, harpsichord, synthesizer, sistrum

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