Secret Oyster ‎– Straight to the Krankenhaus (1976)

Straight to the Krankenhaus is the fourth and final album by Danish jazz-rock quintet Secret Oyster, released in 1976 on CBS.

A1. “Lindance” (1:11)
A2. “Straight to the Krankenhaus” (2:45)
A3. “My Second Hand Rose” (4:14)
A4. “High Luminant Silver Patters” (5:34)
A5. “Delveaux” (7:51)
B1. “Stalled Angel” (3:54)
B2. “Rubber Star” (4:09)
B3. “Traffic & Elephants” (6:10)
B4. “Leda & the Dog” (5:47)

Claus Bøhling — guitar
Kenneth Knudsen —
Karsten Vogel — saxophone
Jess Stæhr — bass
Ole Streenberg — drums

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