Secret Oyster – Sea Son (1974)

Sea Son is the second album by Danish jazz-rock band Secret Oyster, released in 1974 on CBS/Peters International.

A1. “Oysterjungle” (2:57)
A2. “Mind Movie” (9:14)
A3. “Pajamamafia” (6:07)
B1. “Black Mist” (3:40)
B2. “Painforest” (5:40)
B3. “Paella” (6:23)

CD bonus tracks:
7. “Sea Son” (5:25)
8. “Alfresco Part I” (5:39)
9. “Alfresco Part II” (2:07)

Kenneth Knudsen — piano, Moog
Claus Bøhling — guitar
Karsten Vogel — soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Jess Stæhr — bass
Ole Streenberg — drums, percussion

Poul Bruun — producer
Freddy Hansson — engineer
Erik Bredahl — photography
Palle Mikkelborg — string arrangements, trumpet
Finn Ziegler — violin
Hans Nielsen — violin
Bjarne Boie Rasmussen — viola
Erling Christensen — cello
Kasper Winding — congas, percussion

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