Second Hand ‎– Death May Be Your Santa Claus (1971)

Death May Be Your Santa Claus is the second album by Second Hand, released in 1971 on Mushroom/Stateside. The nucleus of the band would subsequently record as Chillum and Seventh Wave.

A1. “Death May Be Your Santa Claus
A2. “Hangin’ On an Eyelid
A3. “Lucifer and the Egg
A4. “Somethin’ You Got”
B1. “Cyclops”
B2. “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”
B3. “Revelations Ch. 16 Vs. 9-21
B4. “Take to the Skies
B5. “D.M.B.Y.S.C. – Reprise

CD reissue bonus tracks:
5. “Dip It Out of the Bog Fred” (1:37)
6. “Baby R U Anudda Monster” (3:20)
12. “
Funeral” (3:00)

George Hart — bass, violin, vocals
Kieran O’Connor — drums, vibraphone, percussion, noise, vocals
Ken Elliott — organ, Mellotron, piano, vocals
Rob Elliott — lead vocals
Moggy Mead [Malcolm Mead] — guitar

Vic Keary — producer, engineer
Mike Craig — engineer
Neil Richmond — engineer

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