Sebastian Hardie ‎– Four Moments (1975)

Four Moments is the debut album by Australian symphonic-rock band Sebastian Hardie, released in 1975 on Polydor/Mercury.

A1. “Four Moments, Part 1: Glories Shall Be Released” (6:42)
A2. “Four Moments, Part 2: Dawn of Our Sun” (5:05)
A3. “Four Moments, Part 3: Journey Through Our Dreams” (6:43)
A4. “Four Moments, Part 4: Everything Is Real” (2:10)
B1. “Rosanna” (6:01)
B2. “Openings” (13:01)

Mario Millo — guitar, mandolin, vocals
Peter Plavsic — bass
Alex Plavsic — drums, percussion
Toivo Pilt — Moog, Mellotron, piano, organ

Jon English — producer
Sebastian Hardie — arrangements
Richard Lush — mixing engineer, recording engineer

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