Savage Grace ‎– Master of Disguise (1985)

Master of Disguise is the debut album by American speed-metal band Savage Grace, released in 1985 on Important Record Distributors, Inc.

A1. “Lions Roar” (1:02)
A2. “Bound to Be Free” (4:26)
A3. “Fear My Way” (4:22)
A4. “Sins of the Damned” (4:19)
A5. “Into the Fire” (3:29)
B1. “Master of Disguise” (4:03)
B2. “Betrayer” (4:57)
B3. “Sons of Iniquity” (4:40)
B4. “No One Left to Blame” (4:14)

Mike Smith — lead vocals
Christian Logue — guitar, writer
B. East — bass, writer
Dan Finch — drums

Savage Grace — producer
James Sutton — producer
Rick Knutson — executive producer
Ken Perry — mastering
Cory Brandon — photography

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