Saluki ‎– Saluki (1976)

Saluki is an album by the namesake Norwegian jazz-rock ensemble, released in 1976 on Compendium.

A1. “Come Down” (5:18)
A2. “Autumn” (5:53)
A3. “The Awakening” (3:45)
A4. “Love to the Sun” (9:30)
B1. “Uranus in Cancer” (6:26)
B2. “Fantasy Suns” (1:49)
B3. “Hidden Path III” (10:40)
B4. “Take the Road Across the Bridge” (7:20)

Bass – Sverre Beyer
Drums, Percussion – Bjørn Jensen
Keyboards – Kjell Rønningen
Piano – Even Stormoen (A2)
Saxophone – Erik Balke (A1, B4)
Trumpet – Petter Katraas (A1, B4)
Vocals – Radka Toneff (B4), Sylvi Lillegaard (A1, B4)
Vocals, Guitar – Freddy Dahl
Vocals, Saxophone, Percussion – Peter Berg Nilsen

Producer – Erling Jørgensen, Freddy Dahl

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