Sally Oldfield – Water Bearer (1978)

Water Bearer is the debut solo album by Sally Oldfield, released in 1978 on Bronze.

A1. “Water Bearer” (6:25)
A2. “Songs of the Quendi” (12:46)
   a. “Night Theme
   b. “Wampum Song
   c. “Nenya
   d. “Land of the Sun
A3. “Mirrors” (3:29)
B1. “Weaver” (3:38)
B2. “Night of the Hunter’s Moon” (3:26)
B3. “Child of Allah” (3:19)
B4. “Song of the Bow” (3:37)
B5. “Fire and Honey” (2:30)
B6. “Song of the Healer” (3:19)


  • Sally Oldfield – vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer, harpsichord, Hammond organ, mandolin, marimba, glockenspiel, vibraphone, banjo, percussion
  • Frank Ricotti – percussion, vibraphone, marimba
  • Dave Lawson – synthesizer
  • Herbie Flowers – double bass
  • Trevor Spencer – drums
  • Tim Wheater – cymbal
  • Jean Price – harp
  • Brian Burrows – vocals

Production, Packaging:

  • Art Direction – Martin Poole
  • Engineer – Ashley Howe, Dave Grinstead, Mark Dearnley
  • Mixed By – Ashley Howe, Sally Oldfield
  • Mixed By (Assistant) – John Gallen, Julian Cooper
  • Photography – Paul Wakefield
  • Typography – Mike Pratley
  • Writer, Arranger and Producer – Sally Oldfield

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