Sahara ‎– Sunrise (1973)

Sunrise is an album by German symphonic-rock band Sahara, released in 1973 on PAn/Peters International. The album is a debut in name only as the band had released an earlier album as Subject ESQ.

A1. “Marie Celeste” (7:35)
A2. “Circles” (4:38)
A3. “Rainbow Rider” (7:40)
Sunrise — 27:20*
B1. Part 1
— a. “Sunrise”
— b. “The Divinity of Being”
— c. “Perception Including Devils Tune”
— d. “Paramount Confluence”
B2. Part 2
— a. “Aspiration”
— b. “Creativity”
— c. “Realisation”

*(:10-2:30-5:20-7:42-10:30, 10:50-12:10-14:07-15:33-18:59, 19:10-23:40-26:54)

Bass, Vocals – Stefan Wissnet
Woodwind, Synthesizer [Moog], Mellotron, Vocals – Michael Hofmann
Drums, Percussion [Tuned] – Harry Rosenkind
Guitar – Nicholas Woodland
Harmonica, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals – Alex Pittwohn
Keyboards – Hennes Hering

Design [Cover] – Manfred Vormstein
Engineer, Producer – Mack
Illustration – Wolfgang Blanke
Liner Notes – Franz Schöler
Photography By – Rosenkind, Mack
Translated By – Nicholas Woodland (B1a to B2c)

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