Saga – Behaviour (1985)

Behaviour is the sixth studio album by Canadian modern-rock band Saga, released in 1985 on Portrait/Polydor.

A1. “Listen to Your Heart” (3:52)
A2. “Take a Chance” (3:52)
A3. “What Do I Know?” (3:39)
A4. “Misbehaviour” (4:03)
A5. “Nine Lives of Miss Midi” (1:17)
A6. “You and the Night” (5:17)
B1. “Out of the Shadows” (4:46)
B2. “Easy Way Out” (3:57)
B3. “Promises” (4:10)
B4. “Here I Am” (3:35)
B5. “(Goodbye) Once Upon a Time” (6:35)

Michael Sadler — lead vocals, keyboards
Jim Crichton — bass guitar, keyboards
Jim Gilmour — keyboards, backing vocals
Ian Crichton — guitar
Steve Negus — drums, percussion, electronic percussion

Sharon Benson — Additional vocals (A3)
Produced by Saga and Peter Walsh

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