Russ Ballard ‎– Winning (1976)

Winning is the second solo album by English musician/songwriter Russ Ballard, released in 1976 on Epic.

A1. “Winning” (3:39)
A2. “Halloween” (3:53)
A3. “A Song for Gail (What Have We Got Her Into?)” (4:33)
A4. “Fakin’ Love” (3:36)
A5. “Since You Been Gone” (2:46)
B1. “Just a Dream Away” (4:21)
B2. “Here I Am” (3:46)
B3. “Free at Last” (3:41)
B4. “Cuckoo” (3:19)
B5. “Weekend” (3:11)

Backing Vocals – Liza Strike, Madeline Bell, Sunny Leslie
Bass – Dave Markee
Drums – Chris Karan, Dave Mattacks
Piano – Rabbit Bundrick (B1)
Saxophone – Nick Newall
Trumpet – Terry Starr
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards – Russ Ballard

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