Rush ‎– Permanent Waves (1980)

Permanent Waves is the seventh studio album by Canadian maximalist hard-rock trio Rush, released in 1980 on Anthem/Mercury.

A1. “The Spirit of Radio” (4:54)
A2. “Freewill” (5:23)
A3. “Jacob’s Ladder” (7:50)
B1. “Entre nous” (4:37)
B2. “Different Strings” (3:50)
B3. “Natural Science: i. Tide Pools / ii. Hyperspace / iii. Permanent Waves” (9:27)

Geddy Lee — bass guitar, synthesizer, taurus pedals, vocals, assistant engineer
Alex Lifeson — guitar, taurus pedals
Neil Peart — drums, timpani, timbales, bells, tubular bells, wind chimes, bell tree, triangle, crotales

Terry Brown — producer, engineer, arrangements

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