Rupert Holmes ‎– Pursuit of Happiness (1978)

Pursuit of Happiness is the fourth album by American composer/musician/vocalist Rupert Holmes, released in 1978 on Private Stock.

A1. “Less Is More” (4:22)
A2. “Show Me Where It Says” (2:58)
A3. “Speechless” (4:39)
A4. “Cradle Me” (3:16)
A5. “So Beautiful It Hurts” (5:20)
B1. “Let’s Get Crazy Tonight” (3:26)
B2. “Bedside Companions” (3:22)
B3. “Guitars” (4:50)
B4. “The Long Way Home” (2:54)
B5. “Town Square” (3:40)
B6. “The Old School” (3:50)

Rupert Holmes — keyboards, vocals, backing vocals, producer, writer, arranger, conductor
Allan Schwartzberg — drums
Jimmy Young — drums
Jimmy Maelen — percussion
Wilbur Bascomb — bass
Will Lee — bass
Joe Mack — bass
Steve Khan — lead guitar
Elliott Randall — lead guitar
Carter Cathheart — keyboards
Pat Rebillot — keyboards
Peter Gordon — French horn
Gene Orloff — concertmaster
Jesse Levy — concertmaster
Vivian Cherry — backing vocals
Lani Groves — backing vocals
Hilda Harris — backing vocals
Maeretha Stewart — backing vocals
Rob Freeman — recording engineer, mixer
Jim Boyer — additional engineer
Bob Clearmountain — additional engineer
Richard Mantel — design
Benno Friedman — photography
Michael Brecker — tenor saxophone, soloist
Randy Brecker — flugelhorn, soloist

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