Rupert Hine ‎– Immunity (1981)

Immunity is the third solo album by English musician/producer Rupert Hine, released in 1981 on A&M. His former Quantum Jump cohort Trevor Morais appears on three tracks.

A1. “I Hang On to My Vertigo” (4:40)
A2. “Misplaced Love” (4:14)
A3. “Samsara” (5:15)
A4. “Surface Tension” (4:19)
A5. “I Think a Man Will Hang Soon” (4:17)
B1. “Immunity” (3:53)
B2. “Another Stranger” (4:49)
B3. “Psycho Surrender” (4:20)
B4. “Make a Wish” (5:42)

Rupert Hine — vocals, keyboards, instrumentation, sound co-ordinator
Phil Collins — percussion (B1, B2)
Marianne Faithfull — vocals (A2)
Trevor Morais — drums (A5), percussion (B2, B4)
Phil Palmer — guitar
Chris Parker — treatments
Geoffrey Richardson — viola (B4)
Stephen W Tayler — engineering, mixing and co-production
Ollie W. Tayler — clarinet and recorder (B3)

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