Rufus – Rags to Rufus (1974)

Rags to Rufus is the second album by Chicago funk sextet Rufus, released in February 1974 on ABC.

A1. “You Got the Love” (4:39)
A2. “I Got the Right Street” (3:17)
A3. “Walkin’ in the Sun” (3:02)
A4. “Rags to Rufus” (4:05)
A5. “Swing Down Chariot” (4:24)
B1. “Sideways” (1:55)
B2. “Ain’t Nothin’ But a Maybe” (3:36)
B3. “Tell Me Something Good” (4:40)
B4. “Look Through My Eyes” (3:13)
B5. “In Love We Grow” (3:38)
B6. “Smokin’ Room” (4:20)

Chaka Khan — vocals, backing vocals, writer
Al Ciner — guitar, backing vocals
Ron Stockert — keyboards, vocals, backing vocals, writer
Kevin Murphy — organ, Clavinet, backing vocals, writer
Dennis Belfield — bass, backing vocals, writer
André Fischer — drums, backing vocals

Rufus — producer
Bob Monaco — producer

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