Roger Glover ‎– Elements (1978)

Elements is the second solo album by Welsh musician/composer Roger Glover, released in 1978 on Polydor.

A1. “The First Ring Made of Clay” (7:47)
A2. “The Next a Ring of Fire” (9:39)
B1. “The Third Ring’s Watery Flow” (8:53)
B2. “The Fourth Ring’s With the Wind” (8:53)
B3. “Finale” (2:14)

Roger Glover — ARP Solina string synthesizer, synthesizer, bass guitar, percussion, tabla, sitar guitar, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, backing vocals, writer, producer, sleeve notes
Simon Phillips — drums, tabla, percussion
Mickey Lee Soule — piano, organ, percussion
Graham Preskett — electric violin, clarinet, string arrangements, conductor
Ronnie Aspery — saxophone, flute
Martin Birch — acoustic guitar, backing vocals, producer, recording engineer, mixing, writer
Liza Strike — lead vocals
Helen Chappelle — lead vocals
The Munich Philharmonic — strings
Fritz Sonnleitner — concertmaster
Hans Menzel — assistant engineer
Greg Calbi — mastering

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