Rock Follies – Rock Follies of ’77 [OST] (1977)

Rock Follies of ’77 is the soundtrack album to the second season of the ITV musical drama starring vocalists Julie Covington, Charlotte Cornwell, and Rula Lenska with songs written by Roxy Music saxist Andy Mackay. The album was released in 1977 on Polydor.

A1. “Follies of ’77” (4:02)
A2. “Struttin’ Ground” (4:05)
A3. “Round 1” (3:55)
A4. “The Hype” (3:35)
A5. “Dee’s Hype” (1:45)
A6. “The Things You Have to Do” (4:03)
B1. “The Band Who Wouldn’t Die” (2:37)
B2. “Wolf at the Door” (2:35)
B3. “Loose Change” (4:33)
B4. “Jubilee” (3:02)
B5. “OK?” (3:33)
B6. “Real Life” (5:22)

CD bonus track:
13. “B-Side” (2:25)

Julie Covington — vocals
Sue Jones-Davies — vocals
Charlotte Cornwell — vocals
Rula Lenska — vocals
Ray Russell — guitar, string arrangements, brass arrangements
Peter Van Hooke — drums
Tony Stevens — bass
Chris Parren — keyboards
Andy Mackay — saxophone, music, producer
Gavin Wright — 1st violin

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