Robin Trower – In City Dreams (1977)

In City Dreams is the fifth solo studio album by English blues-rock guitarist Robin Trower, released in 1977 on Chrysalis.

A1. “Somebody Calling” (4:57)
A2. “Sweet Wine of Love” (2:56)
A3. “Bluebird” (5:32)
A4. “Falling Star” (2:47)
A5. “Farther Up the Road” (2:35)
B1. “Smile” (4:48)
B2. “Little Girl” (4:52)
B3. “Love’s Gonna Bring You Round” (4:39)
B4. “In City Dreams” (5:12)

Funky Paul Olsen — cover design
Robin Trower — guitar, remixer, writer
Rustee Allen — bass
James Dewar — vocals, writer
Don Davis — producer, remixer

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