Robin – Don’t Give Up the Ship (1977)

Don’t Give Up the Ship is an album by American classical/folk duo Robin, recorded in Portland, Ore., in August 1977 and released by Century Records. The nameplate is a truncation of composer/guitarist Robin Runge, who self-recorded an earlier album with the same title.

The Days of Noah
A1. “Fairy Tales” (5:09)
A2. “The Building of the Ark” (4:58)
A3. “The Flood” (5:45)
A4. “Etude” (3:07)
Searching the Truth
B1. “Corrente From Sonata II” (2:16)
B2. “Rare Earth” (6:18)
B3. “New Direction” (6:27)
B4. “The Ship” (2:27)

Robin Runge — Gibson Heritage 12-string guitar, Guild 12-string, Guild D-44, Epiphone 6-string, Hernandez classical guitar, bass pedals, percussion, vocals
Debra Edmon — vocals, ARP string ensemble and synthesizers, gongs, bells, chimes, congas, tympani, cymbals, ching ring

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