Roberta Flack – Blue Lights in the Basement (1977)

Blue Lights in the Basement is an album by American vocalist/songwriter Roberta Flack, released in 1977 on Atlantic.

A1. “Why Don’t You Move in With Me” (4:51)
A2. “The Closer I Get to You” (4:39)
A3. “Fine, Fine Day” (4:49)
A4. “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter” (4:23)
A5. “25th of Last December” (4:31)
B1. “After You” (3:55)
B2. “I’d Like to Be Baby to You” (4:37)
B3. “Soul Deep” (2:22)
B4. “Love Is the Healing” (3:42)
B5. “Where I’ll Find You” (3:10)

Roberta Flack — keyboards, vocals, backing vocals, arranger, producer
Reggie Lucas — guitar, songwriter
Hugh McCracken — guitar, arranger
Jeff Mironov — guitar
John Tropea — guitar
David Spinozza — guitar
Ronnie Foster — keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals
Leon Pendarvis — keyboards, backing vocals, arranger
Harry Whitaker — keyboards, arranger
Don Grolnick — keyboards
Paul Griffin — keyboards
Rob Mounsey — keyboards
Anthony Jackson — bass
Basil Fearrington — bass
Will Lee — bass
Howard “Locksmith” King — drums
Steve Gadd — drums
Jimmy Wong — drums
Idris Muhammad — drums
Allan Schwartzberg — drums
Mtume — percussion, backing vocals, songwriter
Crusher — percussion
Jimmy Maelen — percussion
David Carey — percussion
Gary King — percussion
Michael Kamen — arranger, oboe, soloist
Gwen Guthrie — backing vocals, songwriter
Brenda White — backing vocals
Lani Groves — backing vocals
Deniece Williams — backing vocals
Jim Gilstrap — backing vocals
Zachary Sanders — backing vocals
Eugene McDaniels — producer, backing vocals, songwriter
Joe Ferla — producer, recording engineer, remixer
Phil Schier — recording engineer
Ted Spencer — recording engineer
Brian Christian — recording engineer
Ralph Moss — recording engineer
Mike Moran — recording engineer
Ahmet Ertegün — executive producer
Jack Adelman — mastering
Stewart Bosley — design
John Pinderhughes — photography
David Gahr — photography
Donny Hathaway — vocals

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