Robert Palmer ‎– Secrets (1979)

Secrets is the fifth album by English blue-eyed soul vocalist Robert Palmer, released in 1979 on Island.

A1. “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)” (3:10)
A2. “Too Good to Be True” (2:54)
A3. “Can We Still Be Friends?” (3:37)
A4. “In Walks Love Again” (2:45)
A5. “Mean Old World” (3:33)
A6. “Love Stop” (2:57)
B1. “Jealous” (3:15)
B2. “Under Suspicion” (3:25)
B3. “Woman You’re Wonderful” (3:57)
B4. “What’s It Take?” (3:26)
B5. “Remember to Remember” (3:30)

Robert Palmer — vocals, producer, songwriter
Pierre Brock — bass
Dony Wynn — drums
Kenny Mazur — guitar
Jack Waldman — keyboards
Steve Robbins — keyboards

Karl Pitterson — recording engineer

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