Richard Gilly ‎– Les Froides Saisons (1975)

Les Froides Saisons is the second album by French folk/chanson artist Richard Gilly, released in 1975 on Flamophone.

A1. “Les Froides Saisons” (4:21)
A2. “Ma Lady De Montargis” (4:46)
A3. “Eloise” (2:38)
A4. “Les Wagons Bleus” (2:55)
A5. “Loi Du 28 Mars 1882” (3:09)
A6. “Maman Lapin” (0:50)
B1. “L’Appelé” (4:12)
B2. “La Fille Au Rouge Un Peu Sanguin” (2:40)
B3. “Donnez-Moi Un Peu” (3:05)
B4. “Une Histoire De Solitude” (3:54)
B5. “Souviens-Toi” (3:12)
B6. “Quand Tu Partiras Vers” (3:05)

Accordion – G. Rodi* (tracks: B1)
Backing Vocals – B. Sassy (tracks: A2, B6), B. Ilous* (tracks: A1, A4, B4), E. Efira* (tracks: A2), K. Gilly* (tracks: A2)
Banjo [Dobro] – E. Efira* (tracks: B5)
Bass Guitar – C. Padovan* (tracks: B2), G. Augier De Moussac* (tracks: A, B1, B3, B4, B6)
Conductor [String Quartet] – H. Roy*
Drums – A. Sitbon* (tracks: B4), B. Lubat* (tracks: A5)
Guitar [Acoustic] – B. Sassy (tracks: A1, A2, A5, B1, B3, B4, B6), E. Efira* (tracks: A2), G. Kawczynski* (tracks: A6, B2, B5), R. Gilly* (tracks: A1, A2, A4, B1, B3, B4, B6)
Guitar [Electric] – B. Ilous* (tracks: A5), Jean-Pierre Alarcen (tracks: A1, A2, A5, B1, B3, B4)
Guitar [Pedal Steel] – E. Efira* (tracks: A1, A3, A5, B6)
Percussion – B. Lubat* (tracks: A1, A2, B6)
Piano – G. Rodi* (tracks: A2, B2)
Piano [Acoustic] – B. Lubat* (tracks: A3, B6)
Piano [Electric] – B. Lubat* (tracks: A1, A4, A6, B4)
Voice, Composed By – Richard Gilly
Zither [Autoharp] – R. Gilly* (tracks: B5)

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