Return to Forever ‎– Romantic Warrior (1976)

Romantic Warrior is an album by American jazz-rock quartet Return to Forever, released in 1976 on Columbia.

A1. “Medieval Overture” (5:15)
A2. “Sorceress” (7:33)
A3. “The Romantic Warrior” (10:48)
B1. “Majestic Dance” (5:01)
B2. “The Magician” (5:26)
B3. “Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant (Part I & Part II)” (11:25)

Chick Corea — piano, fender rhodes, Clavinet, mini moog, Moog, organ, Polymoog, marimba, percussion, producer
Stanley Clarke — bass, piccolo bass, acoustic bass, bell tree, handbells
Lenny White — drums, timpani, congas, timbales, handbells, snare drum, cymbals, alarm clock
Al Di Meola — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, soprano guitar, handbells, slide whistle

Dennis Mackay — recording engineer, mix engineer

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