Renaissance ‎– Time-Line (1983)

Time-Line is the eleventh studio album by English modern-rock combo Renaissance, released in 1983 on IRS.

A1. Flight (4:09)
A2. Missing Persons (3:37)
A3. Chagrin Boulevard (4:24)
A4. Richard IX (3:39)
A5. The Entertainer (4:48)
B1. Electric Avenue (4:56)
B2. Majik (3:13)
B3. Distant Horizons (3:58)
B4. Orient Express (3:55)
B5. Auto-Tech (5:22)

Annie Haslam – lead and backing vocals
Jon Camp – bass, backing, co-lead and lead vocals, guitars
Michael Dunford – guitars, backing vocals

Peter Gosling, Nick Magnus, Eddie Hardin – keyboards
Peter Barron, Ian Mosley – drums
Bimbo Acock – saxophone
Dave Thomson – trumpet
John Acock – engineer

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1 thought on “Renaissance ‎– Time-Line (1983)

  1. Anyone who enjoys the brisk electro/acoustic strum of “Straight Lines” and “Churches” by New Musik, the propulsive breeze of “Magazine” by the Nick Straker Band, and the intense precision of Alan Tarney-produced cuts like “Everyman” and “Only Foolin'” — as well as the more folksy, emotive likes of “January-February” — should find plenty of joys with the Time-Line standouts “Electric Avenue,” “Chagrin Boulevard,” “Richard IX,” “Distant Horizons,” and “Auto-tech.”

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