Renaissance – Prologue (1972)

Prologue is the third album by English symphonic-folk ensemble Renaissance, released in 1972 on Sovereign/Capitol. The album is the first under the Renaissance-nameplate to feature the “mainstream” lineup of Annie Haslam, Jon Camp, John Tout, Terry Sullivan, and Michael Dunford, the last of whom serves as musical director for this release.

A1. Prologue (5:42)
A2. Kiev (7:40)
A3. Sounds of the Sea (7:12)
B1. Spare Some Love (5:13)
B2. Bound for Infinity (4:24)
B3. Rajah Khan (11:31)

John Tout — keyboards, vocals, arrangements
Annie Haslam — vocals, percussion
Rob Hendry — guitar, mandolin, chimes, vocals
Jon Camp — bass, tampura, vocals
Terry Sullivan — percussion

Mick Dunford — arrangements
Francis Monkman — synthesizer
Miles A. Copeland III — producer
Hipgnosis — cover art


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