Renaissance ‎– Camera Camera (1981)

Camera Camera is the tenth studio album by English art rock/New Wave trio Renaissance, released in 1981 on IRS.

A1. Camera Camera (6:01)
A2. Faeries (Living at the Bottom of the Garden) (3:45)
A3. Remember (4:33)
A4. Bonjour Swansong* (3:40)
A5. Tyrant Tula (5:58)
B1. Okichi San (6:00)
B2. Jigsaw (5:00)
B3. Running Away From You (3:35)
B4. Ukraine Ways (6:37)

*US version only

Annie Haslam – lead and backing vocals
Jon Camp – bass, backing vocals, guitars
Michael Dunford – guitars, backing vocals

Peter Gosling – keyboards, backing vocals
Peter Barron – drums, backing vocals, percussion
John Acock – engineer

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1 thought on “Renaissance ‎– Camera Camera (1981)

  1. Anyone who enjoys Flex-era Lena Lovich or Anthem-era Toyah — especially songs like the hyper-kinetic “Angels” and the eerie “Pop Star,” which respectively resemble the likes of “Tyrant-Tula” and “Remember” — should find things to enjoy on Camera Camera.

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