Renaissance ‎– A Song for All Seasons (1978)

A Song for All Seasons is the eighth studio album by English symphonic-folk quintet Renaissance, released in 1978 on Sire/Warner Bros.

A1. Opening Out (4:15)
A2. Day of the Dreamer (9:45)
A3. Closer Than Yesterday (3:18)
A4. Kindness (At the End) (4:48)
B1. Back Home Once Again (3:16)
B2. She Is Love (4:12)
B3. Northern Lights (4:06)
B4. A Song for All Seasons (10:56)

Annie Haslam — lead vocals
Terence Sullivan — drums, percussion
John Tout — keyboards
Jon Camp — bass, bass pedals, electric guitar, lead vocals
Michael Dunford — 12 string acoustic guitar

David Hentschel — engineer, producer

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