R.E.K. ‎– R.E.K. 1 (1983)

R.E.K. 1 is the singular album by German New Wave/electro-pop musician Richard Edward Kersten, performing under his initials with studio partner Frithjof Krepp. The album was released in 1983 on RCA.

A1. “Computer haben Herzschmerz” (2:30)
A2. “Die Zeitmaschine” (3:15)
A3. “Kein Gefühl” (4:25)
A4. “Kosmisches Radio” (4:55)
A5. “Harmonischer Impuls” (1:50)
B1. “Dialog” (0:43)
B2. “Maschinen weinen nicht” (3:03)
B3. “Dialog” (0:22)
B4. “Knips mich an, knips mich aus” (3:09)
B5. “Dialog” (0:22)
B6. “Digital” (3:43)
B7. “Monolog” (0:23)
B8. “Neue Zeit” (6:12)

Richard Edward Kersten, Frithjof Krepp – instruments, vocals, production

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