Red Zebra ‎– Maquis (1983)

Maquis is the singular full-length from the original formation of Belgian coldwave band Red Zebra, released in 1983 on Parsley. Though technically a debut, the band had already released an album’s worth of material across several 1980–82 singles and EPs.

A1. “Polar Club” (3:11)*
A2. “Search Party” (2:53)
A3. “The Beauty of the Beast” (3:24)
A4. “Beirut by Night” (3:09)
A5. “Saint With a Gun” (4:51)
B1. “Lust” (3:12)
B2. “Paradise Lost” (4:17)
B3. “Mice and Men” (2:46)
B4. “Celebrity City” (3:01)
B5. “Montenegro” (5:08)

*B-side: “Alone with Everybody

Backing Vocals – Ann Tuts
Bass – Chery Derycke, Pieter Vreede
Drums – Johan Isselée
Electric Guitar – Bruno Melon, Geert Maertens
Lead Vocals – Peter Slabbynck
Saxophone – Philippe Terreyn
Trumpet – Jan Weuts

Musician – Luc Van Acker
Painting – Jeroen Daled
Producer – Jean-Marie Aerts
Engineer – Christian Ramon
Cover, Design – Dirk Van Severen

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