Raw Material ‎– Time Is… (1971)

Time Is… is the second of two albums by English symphonic-rock band Raw Material, released in 1971 on Neon.

A1. “Ice Queen” (6:42)
A2. “Empty Houses” (7:20)
A3. “Insolent Lady” (8:52)
— a. Bye the Way
— b. Small Thief
— c. Insolent Lady
B1. “Miracle Worker” (4:42)
B2. “Religion” (4:26)
B3. “Sun God” (11:15)
— a. Awakening
— b. Realisation
— c. Worship

Phil Gunn — bass, acoustic guitar, writer
Dave Greene — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, writer
Paul Young — percussion, writer
Mike Fletcher — saxophone, flute, vocals, writer
Colin Catt — vocals, keyboards, writer

Keef — design, photography
Barry Ainsworth — engineering
Mickey Clarke — production

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