Raven ‎– Wiped Out (1982)

Wiped Out is the second album by English metal trio Raven, released in 1982 on Neat Records.

A1. “Faster Than the Speed of Light” (4:24)
A2. “Bring the Hammer Down” (4:19)
A3. “Fire Power” (3:02)
A4. “Read All About It” (3:08)
A5. “To the Limit / To the Top” (7:54)
A6. “Battle Zone” (3:33)
B1. “Live at the Inferno” (3:55)
B2. “Star War” (5:35)
B3. “UXB” (3:22)
B4. “20 / 21” (1:36)
B5. “Hold Back the Fire” (5:51)
B6. “Chain Saw” (5:14)

Mark Gallagher — guitar, vocals
Rob Hunter — drums, vocals
John Gallagher — lead vocals, bass, classical guitar

Raven — producer
Keith Nichol — producer, engineer

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