Rasputin Stash ‎– Devil Made Me Do It (1974)

The Devil Made Me Do It is the second of two original albums by American funk collective Rasputin’s Stash, released in 1974 on Gemigo Records.

A1. “Ooh Baby” (3:00)
A2. “I See Your Face” (4:19)
A3. “The Devil Made Me Do It” (4:42)
A4. “Hit It and Pass It” (5:34)
B1. “I Can Feel Your Jones” (4:11)
B2. “You’re So Special” (4:00)
B3. “Middle Man” (2:48)
B4. “You’ve Openend My Mind” (2:58)
B5. “Givin’ Way My Love” (3:11)

Arranged By [String Arrangements By] – Rich Tufo
Engineer – J. Janus, R. Anfinsen
Musician [Image On Rear Cover, But Without Role] – Bruce Butler, Ernest Frank Donaldson, Martin Dumas Jr., Paul N. Coleman
Producer – Jimmy Dolin, Joseph Scott (A2 to B5), Martin Dumas, Paul N. Coleman, Rasputin Stash (A2 to B5)
Saxophone – James Whitfield
Trumpet – Wardell Peel

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