Random Hold ‎– Etceteraville (1980)

Etceteraville is a U.S.-only album by English New Wave/art-rockers Random Hold, produced by Peter Hammill and released in 1980 on Passport. The album collects three tracks from the concurrent U.K. Polydor release The View From Here, three cuts from the band’s 1979 self-titled EP, one b-side, and two songs unique to this release.

A1. “What Happened” (4:50)**
A2. “Montgomery Clift” (6:38)*
A3. “Silver Spoons” (3:35)
A4. “Film Music” (4:42)*
B1. “Second Nature” (3:06)
B2. “Central Reservation” (4:12)**
B3. “Etceteraville” (3:53)**
B4. “Precarious Timbers” (5:39)***
B5. “Avalanche” (4:24)*

*from Random Hold (1979, EP)
**from The View From Here (1980)
***b-side of “Etceteraville” (1979, 7″)

Bill MacCormick — bass
Pete Phipps — drums
David Rhodes — guitar
David Ferguson — keyboards

Peter Hammill — producer
Neil Kernon — engineer

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