Rainbow Generator ‎– Dance of the Spheres (1978)

Dance of the Spheres is an album by Australian electronic outfit Rainbow Generator, released in 1978 with catalog number FNC 001.

A1. “Polyploid Spex” (2:40)
A2. “Quiblings Querie” (2:57)
A3. “Wandjina” (5:27)
A4. “Asymptote” (3:18)
A5. “Embryonic Eye” (4:16)
A6. “Essence” (4:51)
B1. “Shockwave Rider” (2:13)
B2. “City of the Sun” (2:33)
B3. “D’Lirium” (5:01)
B4. “Rainbow Raga” (5:04)
B5. “‘ssence” (0:50)

Robert Greaves [aka Ras] — synthesizer
David Mow [aka David Labuschagne, Mojo] — guitar

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