Rainbow Band ‎– Rainbow Band (1970)

Rainbow Band is an album by the namesake Danish psych-rock band, released in 1970 on Sonet. The following year, the band changed its name to Midnight Sun and issued a rerecorded version of the album, this time with a cover painting by Roger Dean.

A1. “Where Do You Live” (4:27)
A2. “King of the Sun” (5:06)
A3. “Nobody” (4:57)
A4. “B.M.” (2:45)
B1. “Where Are You Going to Be” (2:48)
B2. “Living on the Hill” (14:13)
B3. “Rainbow Song” (3:49)

Bass – Bo Stief
Drums – Carsten Smedegård
Guitar – Peer Frost
Piano – Niels Brønsted
Saxophone, Flute – Bent Hesselmann
Vocals – Lars Bisgaard

Cover – Brauge-Saitz
Design – Brauge-Saitz, Poul Bruun
Engineer – Freddy Hanson, Ivar Rosenberg
Photography – Jan Persson
Producer – Freddy Hansson, Rainbow Band

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