Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Prepare Thyself to Deal With a Miracle (1973)

Prepare Thyself to Deal With a Miracle is an album by American avant-garde jazz flutist/saxist Rahsaan Roland Kirk, released in 1973 on Atlantic.

A1. “Salvation and Reminiscing” (5:22)
A2. “Seasons” (9:37)
– a. One Mind Winter/Summer
– b. Ninth Ghost
A3. “Celestial Bliss” (5:40)
B. “Saxophone Concerto” (21:00)
– a. Saxophone Miracle
– b. One Breath Beyond
– c. Dance of Revolution

Rahsaan Roland Kirk — clarinet, nose flute, flute, saxophone, tenor saxophone, string arrangements
Charles McGhee — trumpet
Dick Griffin — trombone, conductor
Harry Smiles — English horn, oboe
Ron Burton — piano
Henry Pearson — bass
Robert Shy — drums
Sonny Brown — percussion
Ralph MacDonald — percussion
Selwart Clarke, Sanford Allen, Julien Barber, Gayle Dixon — violin
Alfred Brown — viola
Kermit Moore — cello
Jeanne Lee — background vocals
Dee Dee Bridgewater — background vocals

Bob Liftin — recording engineer
Stanisław Zagórski — cover design
Joel Dorn — producer

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