Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Bright Moments (1974)

Bright Moments is a live double-album by American avant-garde jazz woodwindist Rahsaan Roland Kirk, released in 1974 on Atlantic.

A1. “Introduction” (2:06)
A2. “Pedal Up” (11:52)
A3. “You’ll Never Get to Heaven” (9:48)
B1. “Clickety Clack” (2:30)
B2. “Prelude to a Kiss” (5:05)
B3. “Talk (Electric Nose)” (2:33)
B4. “Fly Town Nose Blues” (8:52)
C1. “Talk (Bright Moments)” (3:30)
C2. “Bright Moments Song” (10:02)
C3. “Dem Red Beans and Rice” (7:05)
D1. “If I Loved You” (8:50)
D2. “Talk (Fats Waller)” (1:30)
D3. “Jitterbug Waltz” (7:00)
D4. “Second Line Jump” (1:30)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk — tenor saxophone, flute, nose flute, manzello, stritch, various instruments
Ron Burton — piano
Henry Pearson — bass
Robert Shy — drums
Todd Barkan — synthesiser, tambourine
Joe Habao — percussion

Ed Barton — recording engineer
Biff Davies — recording engineer
Jack Crymes — recording engineer
Robert “Lips” Liftin — mix engineer
Jim Marshall — photography
Ira Friedlander — design
Joel Dorn — producer

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