RAH Band ‎– Going Up (1983)

Going Up is the third album by English studio synth-funk project the RAH Band, released in 1983 on TMT.

A1. “Messages from the Stars” (4:26)
A2. “Roll Me Down to Rio” (6:49)
A3. “Perfumed Garden (with Scented Strings)” (6:29)
A4. “Hunger for Your Jungle Love ’83” (5:46)
A5. “Sam the Samba Man” (4:17)
B1. “Winter Love” (5:23)
B2. “Tears and Rain” (5:40)
B3. “Two Bodies” (4:31)
B4. “Party Games” (4:06)
B5. “Riding on a Fantasy” (5:50)

Drums – Barry Da Souza, Barry Morgan, Peter Boita
Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Arrangements, Production – Richard Hewson
Saxophone – Ray Warleigh
Vocals – Liz Hewson

Mastered By – Tim Young
Recorded By, Mixed By – Gerry Kitchingham, Nick Sykes
Scented Strings Leader – Tony Gilbert (A3)

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