Queen ‎– Sheer Heart Attack (1974)

Sheer Heart Attack is the third album by English operatic/hard-rock band Queen, released in 1974 on EMI/Elektra.

A1. “Brighton Rock” (5:10)
A2. “Killer Queen” (3:00)
A3. “Tenement Funster!” (2:48)
A4. “Flick of the Wrist” (3:18)
A5. “Lily of the Valley” (1:41)
A6. “Now I’m Here” (4:15)
B1. “In the Lap of the Gods” (3:23)
B2. “Stone Cold Crazy” (2:14)
B3. “Dear Friends” (1:07)
B4. “Misfire” (1:58)
B5. “Bring Back That Leroy Brown” (2:17)
B6. “She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettoes)” (4:10)
B7. “In the Lap of the Gods…Revisited” (3:23)

Freddie Mercury — lead vocals, piano, jangle piano, backing vocals
Brian May — guitar, backing vocals, piano, banjolele, lead vocals
John Deacon — bass guitar, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, guitar, double bass
Roger Taylor — drums, percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals

Roy Thomas Baker — producer
Queen — producer, arranger, composer, performer, sleeve design
Mike Stone — engineer
Geoff Workman — assistant engineer
Mick Rock — art direction, photography

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