Quatermass ‎– Quatermass (1970)

Quatermass ‎is the singular album by the English trio of the same name, released in 1970 on Harvest. Sporting a Hammond-heavy hard rock sound, the music echoes the concurrent work of their fellow Episode Six alumni in Deep Purple.

A1. “Entropy” (1:10)
A2. “Black Sheep Of The Family” (3:41)
A3. “Post War Saturday Echo” (9:43)
A4. “Good Lord Knows” (2:54)
A5. “Up On The Ground” (7:11)
B1. “Gemini” (5:54)
B2. “Make Up Your Mind” (8:44)
B3. “Laughin’ Tackle” (10:35)
B4. “Entropy (Reprise)” (0:42)

CD reissue bonus tracks (from 1971 7″):
10. “One Blind Mice” (3:17)

11. “Punting” (7:10)

John Gustafson – bass, vocals
Mick Underwood – drums
Pete Robinson – keyboards

Paul Buckmaster – cello arrangements
Tony Gilbert – violin arragemnents
Anders Henriksson – production

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