Pulsar – Halloween (1977)

Halloween is the third album by French symphonic/space-rock ensemble Pulsar, released in 1977 on CBS.

Halloween Part I:
A1. “Halloween Song” (1:20)
A2. “Tired Answers” (9:30)
A3. “Colours of My Childhood” (6:00)
A4. “Sorrow in My Dreams” (3:40)
Halloween Part II:
B1. “Lone Fantasy” (4:50)
B2. “Dawn Over Darkness” (6:10)
B3. “Misty Garden of Passion” (2:15)
B4. “Fears of Frost” (3:35)
B5. “Time” (1:50)

Jacques Roman — keyboards, synthesizer, Mellotron, effects
Gilbert Gandil — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, vocals
Roland Richard — flute, clarinet, piano, string ensemble
Victor Bosch — drums, vibraphone, percussion, cover art
Michel Masson — bass
Xavier Dubuc — congas
Jean Ristori — cello, engineer

Pulsar — producer, composition, arrangement
Armand Fines — lyrics
Sylvia Ekström — voice
Jean-Louis Rebut — voice

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