Puccio Roelens ‎- Rock Satellite (1977)

Rock Satellite is a jazz-funk album by Italian composer/conductor Puccio Roelens, released in 1977 on RCA. In France, the album was issued as volume 13 in the label’s April Orchestra series.

A1. “Northern Lights” (5:25)
A2. “Conversation in Three” (4:11)
A3. “Push Pull” (3:25)
A4. “Osaka” (4:06)
A5. “Switch Off” (5:14)
B1. “Connie Flower” (5:56)
B2. “Comfortable Shoes” (4:56)
B3. “Chilly Breeze” (3:35)
B4. “Rock Satellite” (4:35)

Alto Saxophone, Flute – Gianni Oddi
Brass [Brasses] – A. Corvini, A. Verzella, G. Cuccaro, D. Diana, E. Gabbi, M. Midana, O. Aldambrini
Drums – Gegè Commorana, Enzo Restuccia
Electric Bass – Nanni Civitenga
Guitar [Guitars] – Giansereno Raimondo, Silvano Chimenti
Keyboards – Antonello Vannucchi
Percussion – Alex Serra
Piano – Erico Pierannunzi
Soprano Saxophone, Flute – Q. Maltoni
Strings – U.M.R.
Synthesizer – Renato Serio
Violin [1st Violin] – F. Tamponi

Producer, Musical Assistance – Anselmo Natalicchio, Guido Cenciarelli

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